The new challenges


  • Significant growth of the scientific community at international level
  • Continuous progress on mature scientific paradigms and emergence of new research trajectories
  • Major planetary and societal challenges (such as Mega-Trends reported in the periodical OECD "STI Outlook" reports, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of its 2030 UN Agenda, connected to the five priority clusters of Horizon Europe)

Politecnico di Torino is working in a complex scenario by leveraging on its competencies and assets, but it also has to face some critical issues:

  • Inadequate University‚Äôs baseline public funding  compared to international standards
  • Achievement of a correct balance in research evaluation processes
  • Low number of faculty members and staff

However, our University can rely on its good self-funding capability for research activities.


  • Our research activities will be oriented to ensure the consistency with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Horizon Europe priorities
  • Full respect of freedom of research and development of new frontiers to improve the involvement in the drafting of future "research agendas"
  • Support in multidisciplinary research activities and in  cross-contamination, also through the advancement of the organizational model adopted by the Interdepartmental Centres
  • Integration between the different phases of research and third mission activities  
  • Progressive diffusion of the principles of Open Science for a wide knowledge sharing and dissemination of the research data, as well as of the Responsible Research and Innovation